Meet Miss. Barry

Tea Time

My name is Laura.  Originally from Southport, Connecticut, I recently moved to the other side of the pond to settle into country life in a quintessential Kent village by the sea.  My mother being British moved back here a few years ago after many years spent in the US. Now, I have followed in her … [Read more...]

Chocolate Fudge Brownies With Hazlenuts- a toothsome treat!


When I was a teacher in Boston, there were two different routes I could take home – both journeys would require me to change trains. One of the routes, however, when I transferred lines, brought me smack bang  in front of my favourite Boston bakery, Tatte Fine cookies and cakes.  I admit that there … [Read more...]

Banana Spelt Muffins With Chocolate Chunks

main photo

Tis the season to invoke my inner Nigella Lawson (Domestic Goddess, I know you’re hiding deep down inside me!) and spur myself with full force back into the kitchen. It’s time to dust off, and don on, my floral apron hiding at the back of beyond on one of my kitchen shelves. I’ve taken quite a long … [Read more...]

Catastrophic Chocolate Chip Cookies- is it me or the cookie?

My Tear and Share Cookies

Being an alpha employee, I eagerly signed myself up to bake ‘something nice’ for my boss’s Birthday party at work.  Since I don’t own the gobsmackingly gorgeous raspberry ice pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer I have been drooling over for months now, Anthony Valerio’s Red Hot Velvet Cupcakes with Fiery … [Read more...]

The Summer of the Bear by Bella Pollen – unbearable?

The Summer of the Bear Cover

Miss Barry’s Book Review: 2 out of 5 cupcakes A much needed, emphatic round of applause please.  I will even accept a congenial British pat on the back.  Not to close though, don’t go all American on me.  I finally finished reading The Summer of the Bear written by Bella Pollen.  Only a mere three … [Read more...]

Stratton Mountain Sweets – Treats and Toys For All Ages!

My sister Annabel is clearly enthusiastic for Stratton Sweets sugary treats

Missing your kids or significant other in the Stratton Village?  Chances are you will find them in the Stratton Mountain Sweets store with their eyes the size of saucers staring at the endless and vibrant candy displays surrounding them.  They won’t stare for long as they enthusiastically fill their … [Read more...]

Baking with a box and a little brother – Fun da-middles

Little Reid modeling the Fun da-middles- clearly a fan!

Well, not just any box, an old time favorite friend of mine, drum roll please, Ms. Betty Crocker!  Not just any little brother either, Reid Montgomery Barry, the youngest of my seven stupendous brothers and sisters!  The whole Barry clan is up in Stratton, Vermont skiing for the Christmas holidays. … [Read more...]

Shelly’s Tea Room

Cream Tea at Shelly's Tea House

Place yourself in the middle of a chocolate box village square in Kent, England.  Dappled sun rays filter through the dark verdant leaves and warm your face as you lazily lounge at an outside table on the cobbled pavement. Your eyes roam from each picturesque black and white timbered period … [Read more...]

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Slice of Blackberry & Apple Crumble

What’s not to love about the beginning of autumn?  Floral dresses are replaced by thick cable knit sweaters recently removed from attic storage boxes.  School supplies lists are sent home and children sport new character lunch boxes and L.L.Bean backpacks.  The air is crisp and cool and spurs you … [Read more...]

Heavenly Halva

my little piece of heaven

It has taken me three days to find the energy to write this post.  Even as I write this, I am having difficulty moving after devouring another gourmet meal.  I will be wearing a roomy dress AGAIN tomorrow, no tight jean waistbands for me! I fully blame my lack of purpose on the perpetual food coma I … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Drop Scones

Tea time!

One of my earliest memories of my Grandmother’s kitchen is watching her make drop scones.  At the time, she had a Rayburn and I would watch the thick batter slide from the large wooden spoon to smooth and settle itself across the flat scorching griddle and wait for the warm buttery smell to permeate … [Read more...]


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